Dementia prevention, early diagnosis and management

Helping clinics build a network of dementia prevention and care services

By reconfiguring clinical pathways, we are revolutionising the clinical journeys of patients who reach out to their GPs, memory clinics and the NHS.

We work with memory clinics and GP practices to introduce dementia prevention and improve early diagnosis and dementia management services to patients concerned with memory loss. 

By helping clinics build a network of expert service providers – including dieticians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists – they can offer dementia prevention for the first time, as well as improve early diagnosis and dementia management by expanding care packages with psychosocial interventions.

Instead of sending away patients who have a mild or subjective cognitive impairment, we support memory clinics and GPs to put strategies in place to help people delay the onset of dementia and live their best lives. In fact, we help clinics to support people before they even experience memory loss.

We also create opportunities by helping psychiatric clinics develop memory services from scratch.

How our services benefit patients and clinics

Empowering patients

Patients and their families have peace of mind that dementia prevention services are available to them. They can access services before dementia develops and take control of their health to improve their quality of life.

Growing your business

By working with patients for longer and providing additional services to them, clinics have a competitive advantage and grow their businesses.

Ours is the only consultancy offering this unique service to memory clinics and GP practices.

We will audit your dementia-related services, design the best solution and implement it in your business.

To talk about how we can help your memory clinic or GP practice to introduce dementia prevention and improve diagnosis, support and management services, while growing your business, please get in touch.

Dementia prevention through lifestyle changes

When patients reach out for support with memory loss, if tests reveal they are not suffering from dementia yet, but have instead mild or subjective cognitive impairment, prevention services are not currently available.

This means a huge swathe of the world’s population are suffering from mild or subjective cognitive impairment with no support, no strategies in place to manage their condition, or any advice on how to prevent dementia from developing. This despite having lifestyle-related risk factors that can be modified, including obesity, poor diet, smoking, high blood pressure, poor sleep patterns or high cholesterol.

We support memory clinics to offer their patients multidomain lifestyle interventions to reduce their risk of developing dementia.

Old age is not the only risk factor for dementia. Although most people who have dementia are over 65, risk factors are present in much younger people.

With help from Prevention Journeys, your memory clinic or GP practice has a golden opportunity to increase and improve your services to these patients. Our unique approach, drawing on our network of service providers, will help you put strategies in place which minimise patients’ risk of going on to develop dementia.

Instead of treating only elderly patients who have already developed dementia, your clinic or practice will also care for much younger people, using a life-course model which helps people with modifiable risk factors before they even show signs of memory loss.

Using our consulting services, patients remain under your care for longer, living their best lives.
Why not talk to Prevention Journeys about expanding your business and at the same time improving your services to patients.

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