Our Approach

Helping you introduce dementia prevention through multidomain lifestyle interventions and improve dementia diagnostic and management services by understanding dementia pre-clinical and clinical stages

At Prevention Journeys we are committed to helping our clients introduce dementia prevention services and improve and extend their dementia management services, thus supporting patients who already have dementia and helping those without dementia to manage their risk factors. Here’s how:


We’ll undertake a full audit of all the dementia-related services provided by your GP practice or memory clinic, to spot any gaps and look at areas for improvement.

During the evaluation, we’ll work closely with you to discuss what resources you have available for introducing new dementia-related services.

We’ll produce a full report on what you provide and what opportunities are available to monetise further services and improve the existing ones.


Based on our audit, your resources and your needs, we will design a solution that is bespoke to your clinical practice.

Our design will work alongside your current practice, enhancing the dementia services you provide and introducing dementia prevention.

At the heart will be the provision of personalised care, which best supports your patients and their families.


Once we have completed our audit and designed a solution, we can work with you to put our recommendations in place.

If you need to be connected with partners who can deliver, for example, additional dementia prevention services to your patients, we can source these for you.

We can then work alongside you and project manage the implementation of the newly recommended services.


Following service implementation, we will work in partnership with behavioural sciences experts to ensure your patients understand the newly recommended interventions, become fully engaged and make those essential lifestyle changes which will help them manage their condition or mitigate the risk of developing dementia.

Once the changes have been introduced, we can work with you on an on-going basis, to ensure your dementia services are continually being improved to keep up with best practice.

We can also help mental health care providers develop memory clinics from scratch.

Our purpose is to help you introduce dementia prevention and improve your already existing dementia-related services. With Prevention Journeys, you have access to a unique approach, bespoke to your clinic or practice.

If you would like to discuss our dementia consulting services for memory clinics and GP practices, please get in touch.

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