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Observia is a healthtech company founded in 2011, and based in Paris, pioneer in personalised engagement and support solutions for patients suffering from one or more chronic diseases. Every day, Observia’s employees are engaged in improving patients’ lives.

Observia bases its innovations on robust scientific data and research, through partnerships with renowned researchers and physicians from medicine, behavioural sciences and consumer psychology, and contract research organisations such as ICON and their Mapi Research Trust.

The solutions developed by Observia are deeply rooted in proven behavioural science. They have been deployed in 25 countries and over 40 medical specialties. The company has been present in China since 2018. Observia employs 60 people in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden.


Hunrosa believes that sleep is essential to develop, grow, learn to promote immunity and mental health. Hunrosa helps adults and children across the UK with varying needs to achieve a restful sleep. Our qualified Sleep Consultants offer Sleep Coaching, Training and Workshops. Trusted by business, the NHS and National Charities. We deliver highly effective sleep strategies. Our training is CPD accredited. Our App Sleep Wise is ORCHA accredited for health and education.

Dementia Prevention UK

Dementia Prevention UK is the first UK charity focusing on educating the public on modifying lifestyle to lower the risk of developing dementia later in life. Dementia Prevention UK is working at the community level through interactive workshops that provide knowledge and tools to manage a brain-healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, it is the only UK charity providing knowledge on brain health to young children.

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Introducing complete digital care for your brain

Mindstep is your ultimate, jam-packed brain care app designed by doctors & clinically validated from start to finish. In just 7 minutes, the Mindstep app screens and assesses cognitive health across 15 different digital biomarkers to build a picture of brain health. Targeting everything from anxiety to migraines, forgetfulness to brain fog, concussion to depression, Mindstep picks up all major modifiable risk factors for dementia, and can accurately identify early warning signs of cognitive decline years earlier than typical GPs. Leveraging 120+ clinical tools and a host of referral partners, Mindstep builds personalised care plans designed to target weaknesses identified during the health screening. From gardening to chess, breathing exercises to addiction coaching, Mindstep’s plans offer a holistic approach to brain care traversing mood, cognition and lifestyle so users can benefit from long-lasting, clinically significant improvements in symptoms.

Mindstep is a validated medical device, and is regulated by the MHRA. Its tool allows clinicians to remotely screen, monitor, and manage brain health for patients – ultimately leading to better health.

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Home Instead Charities

Home Instead Charities exist to end loneliness and isolation in ageing adults, helping to reduce the risk of dementia and poor mental health. We were founded by the domiciliary care company, Home Instead, in 2014 and since then have helped to keep hundreds of thousands of ageing adults happy, healthy and connected to their communities.

Home Instead Charities run companionship cafes with a variety of activities for older adults. Activities such as crafting, singing and sport provide older adults the opportunity to develop peer support networks. From May, cafes will be running in York, Dudley, Doncaster, Southampton, Lewes and East Hertfordshire, with a view to expand our support across the whole of the UK.

 Marketing Services for your Business

The Marketing Tribe are an exceptional group of UK local, trusted marketing businesses who believe in getting the best for clients with complete transparency. Their goal is to bring big agency thinking to small and medium enterprises.

They can help you understand who your customer is and how to use the right marketing tools to market to them effectively. The  Marketing Tribe will thus enable you to define your story and marketing strategy, so you make sure your message is relevant, consistent and talks to the right people.

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